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1. Best Hardware Distributor

2. Best SaaS Distributor

1. Best Vendor

2. Best Channel Program

3. Best Emerging Vendor

4. Best Channel Sustainability Program

5. Best Security Vendor

6. Top 10 Cloud Vendor

7. Best POS Vendor

1. Best Workstation

2. Best Notebook

3. Best Server

4. Best Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

1. Best Display

2. Best Interactive Digital Display

3. Best Power Management

4. Best Scanner

5. Best Portable Projector

6. Best Commercial Projector

7. Best Digital Whiteboarding Solution

1. Best Office Printer

1. Best Network Management

2. Best Router

3. Best Telephony (VOIP)

4. Best 5G Network Solution

5. Best IoT Solution

6. Best SD-WAN

1. Best Password Management

2. Best Video Conferencing

3. Best Use of AI

4. Best Virtualization Software

5. Best CRM

1. Best NAS

2. Best SAN

3. Best Data Centre

1. Best Cloud Storage

2. Best Cloud/Online Backup

3. Best Collaboration Tool

4. Best Remote Work Solution

1. Best Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

2. Best Professional Service Automation (PSA)

1. Best Firewall

2. Best Email Security

3. Best Endpoint Security

4. Best Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

5. Best PAM/Zero Trust

6. Best Threat Intelligence Solution

7. Best Pen Testing Solution

8. Best Data Management and Compliance

9. Best Cybersecurity Training

10. Best SOC

11. Best Website Cybersecurity Protection

12. Best XDR

1. Best Channel Chief

2. Best Woman in Tech

1. Best Channel Event

2. Best Channel News Media

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$250 Gift Card

$250 Gift Card

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$200 Gift Card

$250 Gift Card

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