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When thousands of channel partners vote for their favourite vendors and distributors, it sends them a clear message about their performance in the channel. The annual “report card” is a great way to reward and encourage them to keep on improving the way they do business in the channel.

The voting results will be announced on February 2nd, 2023, at the 16th Annual Awards Ceremony in Toronto. Results, pictures and videos will be published on shortly thereafter. Many prizes are available to be won as a “thank-you” for voting. All voters are automatically entered for a chance to win. Winners are randomly selected. Winners of prizes are announced on February 2nd, 2023.

Individual voters will never be disclosed to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Any information provided is solely for the purpose to verify the Canadian identity and contact them for the prize draw, if they win. All voting data is amalgamated into a total for each category to determine a winner with the most votes.

For Channel Partners: Please go through each category and vote for your favourite vendor or distributor. If you do NOT see your favourite vendor or distributor, simply nominate their name in the voting form and it will be counted as your vote automatically! It will also be added to the list for others to see and vote. Only Canadian VARs, Solution Providers, IT Consultants and MSPs may vote. Contact us if you have any questions at [email protected]

For Vendors and Distributors: This is the largest such survey of the Canadian Channel. Now in its 15th year, vendors and distributors use this annual ranking to benchmark their performance year over year and gauge how well they served the needs of their channel partners. If you win, it means you have done a great job in the channel and will be recognized for your great work with an Award and celebration with your colleagues. If not, hopefully it motivates you to do better next year. The end result is a good thing for the entire channel. Remember to invite your channel partners to vote for you (simply send them the link to this web site). If you do NOT see your company name listed in the category, please contact one of your channel partners to nominate your company. Contact us if you have any questions at [email protected]

Every vote counts! Sometimes the difference in votes between first and second place are single digits! Channel partners may vote in any or all categories. We recommend that you vote in every category in which you do business. This ranking of all vendors and distributors in all categories will let them know how well they performed through the eyes of their channel partners. That matters a lot to their channel team and their management!

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