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Q: Who attends?

Nominated Vendors, Distributors, as well as the country’s Top 50 MSPs, MSSPs, VARs and ITSPs will attend this event. Executive level attendees.

Q: What is cost to attend?

A: Each Vendor and Distributor who are in the top 3 finalists will receive one ticket to attend for free. Each 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award winner will receive one free ticket. Each additional ticket can be purchased. All will be notified accordingly and there is a deadline to claim your free ticket. For details visit

Q: Can I invite my channel partners to vote for me?

A: Yes, we encourage it! Simply send them the link to this web site! Some companies insert “Vote for Me” banners ads in their e-mail signatures and send invitations. Some post on their partner portals. It is all up to you how/if you get out your vote.

Q: Where will the Awards Ceremony be held?

A: Check and click on the appropriate event to get complete information.

Q: Do I really need to be dressed in a Tuxedo or formal dress?

A: No, but it is a formal awards gala and a good opportunity to dress up. At the very least, please wear proper business attire as we will be taking lots of pictures for you to also use for your social networks and other promotional purposes. Our team will be dressed in Black Tie formal wear.

Q: How do I get nominated, if I am not listed?

A: Ask one of your Channel Partners to go to their web site and vote During the process, they can easily add/nominate your company name in any appropriate category or categories. Once done, we will approve and everyone will be able to see your company listed.

Q: How can leverage my award, if I win?

A: You can start by sharing the good news with your channel community. You should share with your colleagues and management. Post your win with your pictures on social networks. Write a press release and send to [email protected] Book an eChannelNEWS interview! This is on top of all the publicity that we do to share the news of the winners and rankings with the entire channel. In short, do whatever you wish to amplify your good news. It is not every day you win an award that is 100% voted on by channel partners!

Q: How will I know how I ranked?

A: The top 3 ranking will be published on Throughout the year, we will be doing more in-dept articles on each category and may list the rankings of all vendors. However, you may formally request your ranking by contacting us with your request at [email protected]

Q: Can I bring my colleagues or spouses?

A: Yes, we encourage it to join in the celebration of your great work! You may purchase additional tickets. Space is limited to reserve your seats ASAP. See for details

Q: What is the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Awards about?

A: It is where we recognize and celebrate the country's top 50 MSPs, MSSPs, VARs and ITSPs for having the very best business practices. Please see for complete details. Each candidate must complete a 200-question assessment test and 50 companies with the highest scores earn the award. It is probably one of the most difficult awards that any MSP, VAR or ITSP can win. It may also be the highest recognition that any channel partner can earn. The actual purpose of this assessment is to help all channel partners to benchmark their business practices strengths and weaknesses so they may improve! Building a bigger, better, stronger and smarter channel is our mission! Learn more at

Q: Have more questions?

A: E-mail us at [email protected]